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Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

February 23, 2011

After bumping into some  perfect bridesmaid gift ideas, we couldn’t resist blogging about them.

We know jewelry is typical, but let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t love jewelry?

These jewelry companies, however, add a little touch of personalization to help show your appreciation.

Dee Ruel Jewelry :

Dee Ruel hand crafts one of a kind and special wedding invitations and wedding jewelry for brides and her best ladies. Everything Dee works on is budget and time oriented. She takes pride in creating works of art that will not break your wedding budget, even if your special day is weeks or days away. It is like a breath of fresh air. Feel free to stop by the studio or email her to make an appointment.

826 coleman blvd ~ mount pleasant, SC

These are some pictures of pre-made jewelry taken from her website to show you her style:

Stella & Dot

We love Stella & Dot not only because their jewelry is stylish, its affordable. That’s probably why the media can’t get enough of them. These necklaces, bracelets, or earrings would make perfect bridesmaid gifts and the best part is, all of them will be different. By changing the base, adding a birthstone charm, or  a whimsical charm, you will have created a one-of-a-kind creation to fit each of your bridesmaid’s personalities.

The gold charms are dipped in 14kt Gold

Pick your base (chain, leather cord, bangle) and add your favorite charms to create your very own signature style.

We have just shown 2 options. Go to the Stella & Dot website to see all your choices. They even have charm earrings that you can design!

Helen Ficalora

Helen Ficalora has a wider variety of charms than Stella & Dot. However, it comes with a price tag. Not only does she offer letter charms, she offers heart charms, sea-creature charms, and yoga charms etc. Since the launch of her line, Helen Ficalora has also been gobbled up by the media.

The gold charms come in 14kt or 18kt gold


Hope this helps!


Starting Spring Off Right

February 16, 2011

We are so excited to kick off the Spring season outdoors with a fun rehearsal dinner at Lowndes Grove Plantation!Picture this: we start the evening off with field games- Croquet, Bocce, & Horseshoes.


Before you know it, its a starry night next to the Ashley River. Glowing lanterns hanging from the oak trees & warm fire pits softly light the area. Can you say romantic?

Scattered bales of hay will be lined in plaid & burlap fabric for a natural touch.

Guests will be mingling and noshing on blueberry pie at long wooden farm tables with runners in the hunter green plaid.

If you can’t picture it yet, maybe looking at the layout will help:

I know, I know… you wish you were invited. But hey! that’s what we’re here for. Your rehearsal dinner can be just as fun and amazing.

Red = <3

February 15, 2011

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, love is still in the air. We wish it was Valentine’s Day every day! What girl doesn’t love getting spoiled with flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners?

That’s why we can’t get enough of the girly hues – the reds & pinks remind us of ol’ St. Valentine. We thought we would share a  few of our favorite inspiration photos . . . .




These dresses would make FAB bridesmaid dresses.

Feel free to mix and match different shades of pink

Choose a modern pattern, such as this lattice, in a buttery soft fabric to cover your tables.

The lines will create a sleek look that offers a fresh alternative to traditional linens.

Be bold! Pucker up with some classic red lipstick.

You can never go wrong with Chanel. Just make sure you pick a red that doesn’t make you look like Ronald McDonald.

We like: Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick 14 Passion

And don’t forget about your nails! Try: Blushing Bride by Essie (how perfect is that?)

1 more must-have

. Last, but CERTAINLY not least…

Red, red Wine

Try this Cabernet Sauvignon: Clos du Val ($23)

According to the Wine Enthusiast: “Tastes sweet and jammy in fruit, with cherry-blackberry, cocoa and cedar flavors and satin-smooth tannins. Finishes with a bite of tartness.




February 3, 2011
One of our Spring brides decided to use a bumble bee on her Save-the-Date cards (craftily created by Studio R Designs) and has continued with the bee motif for her wedding.

While recently perusing past issues of wedding magazines- we found this theme-appropriate cake.

How neat would it be for our bride to incorporate her organic, honeybee inspired motif into her desserts as well? Her dinner menu is highlighted with all local, organic ingredients- such as local grass-fed beef & organic, farm fresh eggs. She has worked hand in hand with Fat Hen catering to transform all their sweetened items – such as Sweet Pepper Relish, Country Fresh Lemonade & Flavored Butters- by using honey rather than a sugar or sugar substitute.

Regarding her wedding favors, she is thinking about  gifting little jars of organic honey from Bee City, a local bee farm in Summerville, to each of her wedding guests.
Remember how we said we love incorporating birdcages in to weddings? Well, we found the perfect one for this bee-themed wedding at Barreveld. It’s honey-comb shaped!
Checkout other bee-inspired things we love:

Beeswax Honeycomb Candles at
Bee Drinking Glasses at
Linen Bee Napkins by Peking Handicraft at

Think Outside the Birdcage

February 2, 2011

Who says birdcages are only for birds? We love incorporating different styles of birdcages into weddings. Vintage birdcages are often used as card holders, but also make great centerpieces and lighting accessories. Wait till you see how this simple item can transform the atmosphere of your wedding!

Pagoda inspired birdcages

These two birdcages are based on a Chinese Pagoda. The red and white are classic hues that give off a modern vibe.

Fill the birdcage with your favorite flowers to create an effortless and beautiful centerpiece. Also try filling it with a brightly colored citrus fruit such as lemons or tangerines – an instant pop of color.

Hang the birdcages from trees, hooks, or decorative ribbons. These antique looking birdcages in muted colors add a great rustic detail.

Is rustic not the style you were going for? Check this out! Opting out for simple white birdcages hung from white ribbon creates a more sunny and dainty vibe.

Our most genius idea – why not put some birds in the birdcage. I mean, after all, that’s what they are meant for right? Perhaps Doves, or a tropical Parrot?

blogging about a blog

September 8, 2010
Today we were featured on The Wedding Row not once- but twice! The first post ( was a nice little article showcasing photos of us gals & our office, as well as a sweet, sweet blurb of sung praises! Aw shucks, Della; Thank you for your kind words! Then shortly after lunch, we were featured again!  Anna & Roland’s March 27th soiree at the William Aiken House was such a fun & lively affair. Be sure to check it out some of the fabulous photography, printed materials & decor at:

Today we were also featured on The Connelly’s Wedding Photography blog. Darrell (Connelly) came by last week to shoot some pics & ask us a few questions about our biz. You can check out our answers at:  

finding your flavors

July 15, 2010

As wedding planners, many of our days are spent talking about food {and needless to say, we do a lot of eating around here too}.  Planning a menu should be one of the most fun and creative aspects of the planning process.  And the Menu Tasting is typically the only time for bride, groom & parents to weigh in on something as a group.

Here are a few helpful hints and ideas for creating the perfect menu …

REMEMBER, above all else, that your likes and dislikes are not necessarily the same as your guests.  If you are creating a menu for 150 guests, only a small percentage might actually eat sushi or raw oysters, for example, even though it’s your favorite food.

TRENDS play a large part in menu planning, so although bridal magazines & blogs might be featuring all things pasta for a Winter wedding, try to pick items that are different from other events you’ve been to that season.  Try a butternut squash ravioli, or risotto, rather than tortellini with red sauce.

REGIONAL & SEASONAL items plays a heavy role in Charleston cuisine because of the offerins from our local farmers & fishermen.  We always strive to guide our clients in choosing seasonally appropriate fare, as well as locally grown whenever possible.  Cheese from a nearby farm accompanied by candied pecans & honey are filling a cocktail hour for one of our Fall weddings – yum!

NOVELTY items are a must at any event. Lowcountry food is comfort food, and who doesn’t love most any vegetable cooked with, or wrapped in, bacon.  Savory, decadent dishes are fabulous – we just don’t go to weddings to eat salad after all. 

CHEF ATTENDED STATIONS versus a seated dinner can be a tricky decision for northern and southerner’s alike.  Most importantly, think about what you & your guests will truly enjoy within the venue you’ve chosen.  The layout and type of seating can make all the difference.

ALLERGIES or dietary restrictions will always be a concern for the Chef in the kitchen, so it’s helpful for him if you take a glance at your guest list for anyone who might need special accommodations.  Nuts, mushrooms and dairy are items to be especially conscious of.

BALANCE is essential in the end, so just be sure that you are accommodating the meat eaters and the vegetarians in the overall quest to wow your guests.  Break down the menu into groups –  such as meats, seafood & vegetable – as well as balancing your palette with salty, spicy & sweet.

Happy menu planning!

~ Carrie

Bar Adornments- often overlooked, but-oh-so important

June 25, 2010

During the planning process, we really get to know our brides personally.  We understand their style and priorities which makes for a unique event tailored just for them.   Often times, we struggle getting them what they want within their budget parameters.  When this happens, details get cut.  One of the first items that tend to go, are the bar flower arrangements…..

In the grand scheme of things, I understand that these arrangements seem unimportant.  But besides guest table centerpieces, can you think of another arrangement that guests really notice?  While at the bar waiting for their cocktail, guests are usually alone, quiet and taking it all in.  These small representatives are there saying… “Hey, look at me!  Your hostess really did think of EVERYTHING!!”


Pretty in Pink

April 26, 2010

Heather Cusano and Pete Mermell are the type of people that always bring a smile to your face. They are very happy and warm, which is exactly how their wedding was. On April 17, Heather and Pete tied the knot at St. Luke’s Chapel and then headed across the street for their reception at the Wickliffe House. Heather’s favorite color is pink and with her bright personality, “pink bling” quickly became the theme of the evening. From the table linen to the candle holders to their champagne flutes, the couple was surrounded by the vibrant pinks, ivories & crystal accents during their special night. One of the prettiest touches of the day were all the beautiful pink and white flowers arranged by ACB”s florist, Jonie LaRosee.

This wedding was all about lighting and simplicity. Working with Heather, we used dozens of candles of all shapes and sizes including hanging crystal candle holders and floating candles to light up the night. While the DJ played the music, guests enjoyed food provided by Mediterra and danced the night away on the side lawn.

Pete and Heather‘s wedding spirit was fun and infectious. Along with their guests, they brightened the night and celebrated in style.

Let there be light…

March 4, 2010

Let’s state the obvious… weddings are beautiful, elegant, filled with flowers and champagne … a happy bride and a lucky groom. There is one thing however, that many people tend to overlook, not even noticing the importance it lends to the stunning atmosphere they have just entered.  The mood of a wedding sets the tone for the whole event.  Lighting creates dramatic and alluring colors that make the event unforgettable. And Todd, at Technical Lighting & Event Company helped us create just that.

Last weekend, at Becky Mann and Mark Joye’s wedding, I could not help but bask in the glow all around me. Their evening reception was dimly illuminated by candles and blue-tinted lights, setting the romantic and whimsical aesthetic for the night.  Upon entering the stately stairs at The Hibernian, speckled with hundreds of candles glowing in the Charleston sunset, I was immediately captivated by the ambient gleams of blues, lavenders and grays. The yellow light that beamed from each candle rose and met the pale blue-lighted columns that spanned to the top of the building. It was breathtaking.

Once inside the building, I was met with a dim glow from votives and flutes, amid white tulips and roses that were lining the sign in table. This subtle light diffused into the rotunda, bouncing off the glass-ball-encased roses and billowing from the white-tissue flowers that were delicately floating from the ceiling.

Up the stairs, into the ballroom, my eyes were met with tiny, sparkling votives on each table. Surrounded by arrangements of white roses, tulips and other white flowers, the light softly complimented the delicate petals and reflected off the silver, blue and lavendar draped linens.

The light continued to dramatize the custom bar, lightly beaming from the hanging chandelier, giving off just enough light to catch the draping in the sheer, white fabric that covered the tent.

Night events are always going to be more dramatic, but it’s the light that makes it breathtakingly-beautiful. Colors take on a new hue, transforming the room into a palette of alluring shades that are sure to catch everyone’s eye.