Think Outside the Birdcage

Who says birdcages are only for birds? We love incorporating different styles of birdcages into weddings. Vintage birdcages are often used as card holders, but also make great centerpieces and lighting accessories. Wait till you see how this simple item can transform the atmosphere of your wedding!

Pagoda inspired birdcages

These two birdcages are based on a Chinese Pagoda. The red and white are classic hues that give off a modern vibe.

Fill the birdcage with your favorite flowers to create an effortless and beautiful centerpiece. Also try filling it with a brightly colored citrus fruit such as lemons or tangerines – an instant pop of color.

Hang the birdcages from trees, hooks, or decorative ribbons. These antique looking birdcages in muted colors add a great rustic detail.

Is rustic not the style you were going for? Check this out! Opting out for simple white birdcages hung from white ribbon creates a more sunny and dainty vibe.

Our most genius idea – why not put some birds in the birdcage. I mean, after all, that’s what they are meant for right? Perhaps Doves, or a tropical Parrot?


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