A Sunset to Remember

March 26, 2010 was perfect: the sun was shining, a slight breeze was blowing, the candles were lit, and most importantly, Melanie Pelouze and Chris Schmidt exchanged their vows. Surrounded by friends and family, the happy couple stood below a hand-painted “Amour” sign at the Boone Hall Cotton Dock when they tied the knot.

The stage was set inside the Dock House and outside on the Dock for an elaborate reception design that appeared simplistic while bringing the outdoors inside. Each table was decorated with sage or brown and adorned with many white vases filled with various flowers. Antiqued lanterns were placed above the tables and along with all candles in the Dock House provided a soft, romantic glow. Paper butterflies hand-cut from newspaper were sprinkled across all the dinner tables which were themed and named after poets. Using jute, burlap, greenery, and the colors ivory, sage, and brown, we were able to create a delicate and comfortable oasis for Melanie, Chris, and all their guests. Melanie and Chris also chose to incorporate small touches of the French culture into their special day. Hand-painted French signs were strategically placed throughout the building and their non-traditional wedding cake consisted of mini macaroons in various colors and flavors.

Out on the dock, guests enjoyed a specialty beverage station with the cool night breeze. Decorated with white curtain fabric and sage covered ottomans, guests took in the beautiful sunset out on the dock during cocktail hour and the reception. Amidst all the love from friends, family, and for each other, this sunset will be one to remember for Melanie and Chris!


3 Responses to “A Sunset to Remember”

  1. Melanie Says:

    There are very few times in life when reality blows away your expectations and this…was one of them. While the word “perfect” is I believe, often overused….the evening was exactly that… Perfect  It was because of Carrie and her fabulous staff (thanks Leigh) that the week leading up to the wedding was as stress free as the week of your wedding can possibly be! When I pulled up to the Cotton dock and saw the burlap tied torches…I knew that ACB had not overlooked a single detail…and I was right. Walking up behind the great white umbrella (which you really have to see to understand how well it works and just how cool it is) was a moment I will never forget and when the umbrella dropped and I could, for the first time take in the magical setting before me…I was stunned. Of course the fact that the wind had died down, the sun was shining and the temperature was just right were a complete and unexpected blessing but it was seeing Chris standing before me, my mom watching me walk down the aisle and my dad on my arm that completed the moment. And believe it or not… it just continued to get better from there!!! After a round of photos on the grounds of Boone Hall…I was absolutely dying to get back to the dock and have my first glimpse at the interior…and it was a wonderland!! With greenery spilling down lantern cords like woodland waterfalls, the most stunning arrangement of rosemary, lavender and white flowers imaginable spread up and down 2 rows of farm tables, wrought iron chandeliers, and thousand votives casting a soft glow over the stunning dock…it was the French inspired wonderland we had envisioned. In addition to the setting, Carrie made sure we always had a drink in hand, food on our plates and that we were never too far off our time line. It truly was the most memorable of evenings. To Carrie and A Charleston Bride…Thank you!!!
    Melanie P. Schmidt

  2. Melanie Says:

    Oh and not to forget Duvall. Duvall worked with us to create a menu specifically to compliment the setting and a spectatular job the did!! 🙂

  3. Sandi (Mother of the-Bride) Says:


    How can words describe the great job you did for Melanie and Chris’s wedding. They were so lucky to have found you. The white umbrella that Melanie stood behind before the wedding made the most spectacular effect.

    If they hadn’t had you the week before the wedding, it just could not have been pulled off. Charleston is so lucky to have you in town:). Thank you for helping to make Melanie and Chris’s dreams come true.

    I want to mention Jean over at Duvall they did a stellar job in making Melanie and Chris’s ideas come to life. The food was extraordinary.


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