Let there be light…

Let’s state the obvious… weddings are beautiful, elegant, filled with flowers and champagne … a happy bride and a lucky groom. There is one thing however, that many people tend to overlook, not even noticing the importance it lends to the stunning atmosphere they have just entered.  The mood of a wedding sets the tone for the whole event.  Lighting creates dramatic and alluring colors that make the event unforgettable. And Todd, at Technical Lighting & Event Company helped us create just that.

Last weekend, at Becky Mann and Mark Joye’s wedding, I could not help but bask in the glow all around me. Their evening reception was dimly illuminated by candles and blue-tinted lights, setting the romantic and whimsical aesthetic for the night.  Upon entering the stately stairs at The Hibernian, speckled with hundreds of candles glowing in the Charleston sunset, I was immediately captivated by the ambient gleams of blues, lavenders and grays. The yellow light that beamed from each candle rose and met the pale blue-lighted columns that spanned to the top of the building. It was breathtaking.

Once inside the building, I was met with a dim glow from votives and flutes, amid white tulips and roses that were lining the sign in table. This subtle light diffused into the rotunda, bouncing off the glass-ball-encased roses and billowing from the white-tissue flowers that were delicately floating from the ceiling.

Up the stairs, into the ballroom, my eyes were met with tiny, sparkling votives on each table. Surrounded by arrangements of white roses, tulips and other white flowers, the light softly complimented the delicate petals and reflected off the silver, blue and lavendar draped linens.

The light continued to dramatize the custom bar, lightly beaming from the hanging chandelier, giving off just enough light to catch the draping in the sheer, white fabric that covered the tent.

Night events are always going to be more dramatic, but it’s the light that makes it breathtakingly-beautiful. Colors take on a new hue, transforming the room into a palette of alluring shades that are sure to catch everyone’s eye.


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