Kelly Rawls & John Fountain


Every so often, I come across a bride with a great sense of style and self confidence.  This is Kelly Rawls Fountain.  Within hours of meeting her, she hired me as her planner and we started our amazing journey together.  She is not only beautiful, but very classy.  She listened to our ideas and made a decision; never thinking twice about it.  She was a great decision maker.  She had no problems telling me an idea was “cheesy” to her!  I loved it! Believe it or not, that actually makes my job so much easier!


We have some preliminary photos from the incredibly talented Parker J Pfister.With french blue, white and silver as the color palate, this wedding had traditional and sophistication written all over it.


The flowers were all white with white ostrich feathers mixed in for texture. Think peonies, sweet peas, stephanotis and hydrangea.  Her bouquet was wrapped in lace mimicking the delicate fabric of her unbelievable wedding gown.  I’ll detail more about the event once we get the photos from Parker because seeing is believing.  It was a magical evening!


2 Responses to “Kelly Rawls & John Fountain”

  1. Jo Says:

    This is so great Kelly!!! Congratulations !! 🙂

  2. Brittany Escuriex Says:

    Gorgeous! Truly a beautiful, classy bride….. Congrats!

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